My Bloodgood came in today! For the MH tag, here’s some comparison shots and stuff.

Love the larger body in general, it’s less extremely thin and teenager-y, but still quite stylized. The boots are lovely, as usual for MH, with a lot of detail in the sculpt. The boot zippers are fully sculpted, and the zipper pulls are tiny MH skulls! They do seem to be made of a very soft plastic, though, and they tend to look a little loose. Sadly, the size difference means she definitely can’t share clothes with any of my other MH dolls, but I expected that.

Her hair is very stiff, and the bun in the back is really only held together by the glue or gel they use to stiffen it. Unfortunately, the hair’s a little short to hold back in a real bun, but that’s not a big problem since I plan to reroot.

It’s lucky I was planning to wipe her face, because her eyes came really wonky. But her face sculpt is lovely!

I hope they’ll eventually release a horseless version of her, I’d love to use more of these for customs but I don’t need more than one giant blue plastic horse.


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